Prison Reformation, Observation and Rehabilitation of Convicts in Oke-Kura Prison, Ilorin

  • AbdulGaniyu Abolore Issa Kwara State University
  • Oluwaseun Stephen Akinfenwa Kwara State University
Keywords: Convicts, Oke-Kura, Prison, Reformation, Rehabilitation


This paper focuses on the role of the prison in the rehabilitation and reformation of offenders. In recent times, emphasis has been placed on the need to advance the rights of prisoners in Nigeria through influencing policy actions and frameworks to reverse the state of inefficiency in which the Nigerian prisons have found themselves. Triangulation was used to generate data for this study, which includes; unbiased observation, documentary evidence and a structured questionnaire. The study revealed a tripod imbalance in the prisons system which is the mitigating factor to achieving the objective of rehabilitation and reformation; the personnel, policies and prison facilities are at the core of this deficiency. Recommendations for both short term and long term prison overhaul were proffered. It was concluded that, required policies and actions be implemented for the prison system to efficiently carry on its task of reformation and rehabilitation and adequate line of action be followed to control criminality at its socio-economic base.

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Issa, AbdulGaniyu Abolore, and Oluwaseun Stephen Akinfenwa. 2018. “Prison Reformation, Observation and Rehabilitation of Convicts in Oke-Kura Prison, Ilorin”. Kwasu Journal of Humanities 1 (1), 87–97.