Integration of Photographs and Life Objects as Reference Materials for Successful Painting

  • Sunday James Kwara State University
  • Oluremi Mabel Awogbade Kwara State University
Keywords: Creativity, Lagos, Life objects, Painting, Photographs Reference


Photography is a crucial medium for documenting works or providing assistance to painters. This study sets to evaluate the qualities of paintings made from photographs and life objects. Descriptive and Counter-balanced Quasi-experimental designs were used for the study, hence, its approach is quantitative. This study was carried out in selected Colleges of Education in Yaba, Ojo and Epe Local Government Areas of Lagos State, Nigeria, using purposive sampling technique. The sample consists of 120 students drawn from a population survey of 261 painting students in three Colleges of Education within Lagos State. Primary and secondary data were collected during the study. Three instruments were used for data collection. The instruments are: Observation Schedule, Questionnaires and Practical Achievement Tests. Data analysis was done using the Mean Scores, Percentages and Standard Deviation. From the study, the following findings were made: that paintings made from photographs are more realistic and better than those made from life objects in terms of colour, realism, detailing, light and shade and also in composition. Based on the findings, a number of recommendations were made.

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James, Sunday, and Oluremi Mabel Awogbade. 2018. “Integration of Photographs and Life Objects As Reference Materials for Successful Painting”. Kwasu Journal of Humanities 1 (1), 127–146.