Best Practices in Scholarly Publishing

  1. The Journal Editor-in-Chief/Chief Editor/Editor in collaboration with their Editorial Board members, must ensure that any regular/research article is peer-reviewed by at least two referees to meet a high level of quality content. Referee’s Report forms of all accepted articles must be submitted to the Kwara State University (KWASU) Press.
  2. In addition to the regular/research article section, which must appear in every issue, your journal may include other sections, such as Review Article, Book Review, etc.
  3. Diversity of article contributors (authors from KWASU, from other local universities in Nigeria, and from other universities outside Nigeria) is highly encouraged.
  4. Any issue with contributions from only one university will not be accepted.
  5. Author must not have more than one article in an issue.
  6. Abstract should be between 150-200 words.
  7. Non-English paper must provide abstract in the both English and the language of that paper.
  8. Outline your journal’s style of referencing and citation, e.g., APA, Chicago, MLA. Ensure that all papers fully adhere to the stipulated style.
  9. Identify the number of keywords required from each paper (e.g. 5 keywords).
  10. Define the minimum and maximum number of words allowed (e.g., 4,000–7,000, or 5,000 –8,000).
  11. Ensure that all papers are edited by a competent language editor. A written confirmation signed by the language editor must be submitted to KWASU Press.
  12. Journal must provide Author Guidelines which may include journal’s style of citation and referencing; minimum and maximum words allowed, etc.
  13. The online version of your journal will be managed by the Open Journal Systems (OJS), located at Your journal’s Team (such as Editor, Associate/Assistant Editor or Managing Editor) will be in charge of the online management of the journal, including receiving submission, peer review, publication. KWASU Press will be ready to provide regular training/workshop on how to use the OJS.
  14. The journal issue to be published in print/hardcopy must be submitted to KWASU Press at least one month before the actual due date.
  15. Timely publication is very important. If your frequency of publication is in June and December, for example, then all your issue articles must be fully ready for publication ahead of schedule so that the issue will meet June and December deadlines.
  16. For the purpose of quality control, KWASU Press reserves the right not to process any journal issue that does not meet the terms and conditions set above.

Prepared by
Kwara State University Press